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Àngel Valverde aka Valgreen is an active musician, producer and technology specialist. His main field is composing for television, film, advertising, theater and also playing as a session musician. His music is a balanced blend of orquestal and electronics, where he loves to always find room for experimentation with synthesizers.

His music can be heard on the TV series HIT, available on HBO and Amazon.

His interest in music started at an early age and the piano became his main instrument, until the arrival of technology did change everything: computers and microphones brought him as much interest as sheet music, and so in all his projects of composition, production and musical direction are equal parts.

  • Master in Musical Composition and technology (University of La Rioja UNIR)

  • Berklee College of Music, Boston (Mass) composition, music production, arranging, songwriting, Film scoring.

  • Degree in Computer Engineery by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

  • Voice over course for advertising (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona/Catalan Corp. of Mitjans Audiovisuals)

  • Official AVID Protools Instructor (210 Music + 210 Postproduction) 

  • Professor at Degree in Mitjans Audiovisuals of the Tecnocampus Mataró

  • Professor at Degree in Videojocs of the Tecnocampus Mataró

  • Professor at the Master in Film Scoring, ESMUC 

  • Professor at the Master in Music Therapy (UR Blanquerna/ ESMUC)

  • Professor at degree in Musical Production (ENTI)

  • Professor at the Master in Music Production (ENTI)

  • Professor at the Master in Film Directing (UR Ramón Llull)

  • APD Consultant: Apple Professional Development, trainer of technologies in the classroom.

He has been involved, in one way or another, in the following projects:

  • Jesucrist Superstar (Sala Cabanyes, 2024)

  • Pretty Woman, el musical (Smedia, 2022). Keyboards.

  • HIT series T1, T2, T3  (RTVE 2020-23). Composition and production together with Joan Vives.

  • Els Miserables in concert 2021 (Sala Cabanyes). Musical direction and orchestra

  • Arrelats a Puig-reig 2021 (Sergi Cuenca & Polifònica de Puig-Reig). Programming and production.

  • Golfus de Roma (Something happened on the way to the forum) (Focus 2021/22)

  • Els Miserables 2018 (Cabanyes Room). Musical direction and orchestra.

  • Eric Vinaixa - tour CAOS A MIG CAMÍ 2018. Keyboard player.

  • OST Númen short film. Composer 

  • OST Fassman, the incredible radar-man (J. Oristrell). Co-composer.

  • OST Volare (J. Oristrell).

  • Miguel Poveda: tour 2015-16

  • Dagoll Dagom (Mar i Cel, Scaramouche)

  • La Cubana (Wedding Chimes, Good People)

  • HAIR the musical

  • Golfus of Rome (Cia. Unstable)

  • Sister Act, the musical

  • The Mikado (Cia. Sala Cabanyes)

  • Hansel i Gretel (The musical + petit)

  • The book of the jungle (The musical + petit)

  • Un cau de mil secrets (Joan Vives, Piti Español)

  • 50 milions de segons (Cantània, l'AUDITORI)

  • Tots fem comèdia (ANEXA)

  • Calendar girls (ANNEX)

  • Gala Catalunya aixeca the teló

  • Gala Awards Max 2015

  • Cantania 2014 - 50 milions de segons (L'Auditori)

  • CD Love & Hate: My Wrong Pleasures

  • CD Rodes: Xavier Parras. Tour 2014-2016

  • CD Bestiari (Casas, Valverde)

  • CD The Four Seasons (Casas, Valverde)

  • Barril d'arengades, the musical (GACX)

  • Street scene, the musical (GACX)

He has collaborated with Joan Vives, Arnau Vilà, Sergi Cuenca, Joan Albert Amargós, Xavier Capellas, Albert guinovart, Dàmaris Gelabert, Àlex Martínez.

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